OpenRPA converts to background process when minimized and there is no way to bring it back?

I observed strange behavior on Windows 10: when I am minimizing OpenRPA tool, its icon appear in the application/system tray and there is no way to maximize it once again, the icon is just inactive, no response on clicks. Task Manager shows OpenRPA in background processes, it has ‘End Task’ command available, but no ‘Swich To’ command. So, I should end OpenRPA task and start new instance even in the case I have minimized program unintentionally.

You cannot “switch to” when main window is hidden, so that is as expected.
But it’s a problem it’s not restoring when you click the icon.
Another way to trigger an restore, it to try and run openrpa again ( by running openrpa.exe in a command line or running it again from the icon in the start menu )
does that help ?

I am continuing my tests. I had “wsurl”: “ws://” (I am not sure what happened with my local OpenFlow, it my be possible that I have installed it and did started) in my settings.json and then this restore from minimization did not work. Also ‘Select Element’ did not work - nothing happened when I clicked this.

Then I set “wsurl”: “” and both problems were solved. So - I will try not to create some local workflow, I will see how far I can go. I am not sure what I may missing without being connected to OpenFlow. But my priority is to check whether I can build some meaningful workflow at all with my application and only after I can consider setting up all the flow infrastructure.

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