OpenRPA chrome extension is making the webpage unresponsive and blocking the UI when an iframe is detected

When visiting the website with OpenRPA chrome’s extension enabled, next issue came up:

  • When selecting an option that display an iframe, the whole webpage start presenting performance issues, and the part related to the iframe’s UI become unresponsive. After unselect it and select it again, the iframe’s UI disappears.

When the OpenRPA chrome extension is disabled, the issue doesn’t occurs.

Any idea about this issue?
Can we get/set the elements inside an iframe using OpenRPA?
Why is it blocking the UI, if we are not accessing to the website or getting any elements through OpenRPA?


if you share the domain i can add it to the block list in the chrome extension.

Hi Allan, long time since the last time we talked, I hope you are doing well and the OpenRPA roadmap be even more solid than ever,

The domain is
I tried again this morning and got the same issue, the website become unresponsive as soon as some part of the UI uses an iframe. The payment method section uses an iframe.


i have moved this to issues.
I will add the domain next time i get around the chrome extension and write here when it’s published.
Will probably take a while, i head deep into a lot of other things right now.

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Hi Allan, any update on this issue?