OpenRpa and Java Applet

Hello ,

Can OpenRpa selector detects an Element inside a Java Applet running in navigator ?

I don’t know what you mean by “in navigator” ?
But if java has been started directly or is hosted inside a launcher’s there is a high chance it can detect it.
OpenRPA uses the java bridge built into java, it does have a few limitations compared to rpa products that have written their own java bridge ( like UiPath )
I’ve seen cases where very old versions of oracle java does not work.
I have seen cases where launcher do something “crazy” with the java host window, so the java bridge cannot see it, but then you can just start java normally without the launcher app.

Thank you for your reply ,
In my case , Java is started inside a navigator , it’s an applet (web application developped with oracle forms ).

I don’t know in that case. You need to install openrpa with the java extension and test.

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