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Hello! I hope you are very well and can help me:

I am looking for a way to have an audit of bots executed from OpenFlow. For example, when a workflow was executed remotely and who executed it.
(Just in case, I know that grafana is only available for paid versions)

I followed this steps:

  1. searched in OpenFlow, but the Audit menu only shows the “signin” records.

  2. enabled mongo express for my docker deployment with the following lines in the .yml file:

- “traefik.enable=true”
- “bringefik.http.routers.mongoexpress.rule=Host(”
- “bringefik.http.routers.mongoexpress.entrypoints=websecure”
- “bringefik.http.routers.mongoexpress.tls.certresolver=myresolver”
- “”
image: “mongo-express”

The reason was to find out if there are records of the executions somewhere, but I was surprised when enter to I can access the database without having to log in (as happens for example in openflow). Is there a way to establish username and password for the database?

  1. Related to the previous point, I would like to access the database externally to build custom reports but I don’t know the username and password. Is it possible to do this?

As always, thanks a lot for the help!

Hi @Mateo_Corigliano

About this part here, I can help you, to protect mongodb you need to add two configuration in environment.

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Thanks @kowts ! That worked

So, the information I need think is in workflow_instances and openrpa_instances.
I will reformulate the questions:

  1. Does the standard version of openflow have a way to analyze this information without accessing the database?
    Or are they my alternatives:
  2. get the paid version to analyze using grafana
  3. Will it be possible to access the database externally with, for example, the url user and pass? to create custom reports

You can always connect directly to the database ( many bi tools support that. Meta explore, jet reports, power bi etc ) or use MongoDB BI Connector for tools that only support relational databases but if you want to preserve the permissions you need to either use openflow api ( and create the reports your self ) or you can use my grafana connector ( require’s a license )

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