OpenFlow Upgrade

I’m considering updating OpenFlow now.
The current version is shown below.

Can you update by running the following command?

npm i -g pm2 @openiap/openflow @openiap/nodered

openflow-cli --init
nano openflow.env
openflow-cli --install openflow.env

pm2 list
pm2 monit

openflow-nodered-cli --init
nano noderedlocal.env
openflow-nodered-cli --install noderedlocal.env

Hi @Natsuki_Matsuoka
Yes and no, the first line would update the packages but it might also fail due to locked files since it’s already running.
Also, running --init again will not override the exiting files, so if you want to compare you files with any changes, you could look in github ( here and here ) or run --init some where else
I cannot remember if running --install will also restart the instances, but i don’t think so
So here is how I would do it
check using node -v and make sure you are on NodeJS version 16 or higher …
also download and install the latest version of mongodb there is a lot of improvements if you have not update since installing 1.3.84
I like to keep a separate console open, and run pm2 monit in, so I can see any errors doing startup
But you can also see those with something like pm2 logs --lines=30

pm2 stop all
npm i -g pm2 @openiap/openflow @openiap/nodered
pm2 start all
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thank you!!
I tried it immediately, but I couldn’t get it upgrade to MongoDB Ver 6.0…
However, there was no problem with MongoDB Ver 4.4 → 5.0.

Will it work even if I update Openflow and Node-red with MongoDB Ver5.0?

Yes, upgrading is only needed if you need access to timeseries collections or to ensure you don’t get to far behind

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Thank you for your support.
I was able to upgrade to 1.4.34 safely.
Also, in 1.3.84, there was a problem that Node-Red did not start up, but that has also been resolved.

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