Openflow stopped due to out of memory

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

One of my process is running and in sometimes it throws the error out memory on linux server due to that i need to restart the server again and again. can you please help me in this.
Attaching the screenshot for your reference


This is a standard feature in most linux diatro’s. If this is happening you need to add more ram

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,
I have increased the RAM to 16 GB, and again this issue is happening. can you please suggest something else.

@Allan_Zimmermann , please find me some solution.

I have no way of doing that.
you need to analyze when it’s spiking in memory, and what is causing it
Does it happen quickly over a few seconds/minutes, then is properly someone asking for a lot of data ( lige doing an aggregrate with a very high $limit )
If it’s creaping up in size slowly over time, then there might be a memory leak in openflow ( or nodered, you havent validated what nodejs process it is, that is getting killed)

alternatively you could also see if there is a way to disable the killing of processes that is spiking in memory …

but again, non of this is something i can/will support over the forum

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