OpenFlow OAuthClient: clientSecret won't copy

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
I’m trying to add a new client in the OAuthClient page.
The big picture is that I want to add my other “service” to the OAuth/OpenID server running in OpenFlow but in the “addoauthclient” page I’m not able to get the clientSecret from the field.
When I click on “copysecret” button I get this “●●●●” in the clip board.

Off-Topic: And just by curiosity, what open source technology are you using as OpenID server? (keycloak, gluu, hydra etc…) or I got it wrong and you’re not using anything.


yeah, that copy thing has always been buggy.
I shall get rid of that, in next update, thank you for reminding me
You can use tab to move into the field and set the value. ( default value is secret, no something you want to use )

So service can mean many things, so let me clarify

  • Providers is new ways of authenticationg INTO openflow. It adds a button on the login page, that allows you to authenticase using that provider ( like office 365, facebook, google etc )
  • OAuth client’s, are websites that want to use openflow as login provider ( so when a user want’s to login to that website, they get redirected to openflow to login ) that can be done using WS-Federation ( what most people call SAML ), Oauth 2 ( super anying, since there was never made a real standard, but i think we have reached a point where this will work with “most” things ) and OpenID connect ( this IS standardize, and most frameworks respect it )

I’m using an older version of panda oidc. for oidc on both the provider and client side.

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
Thank you for your answer.
Using the TAB key to access the field worked!

By service, I meant a website that wants to use openflow as login provider using OpenID connect.

So you are using Panda oidc under the hood. Never heard of it, I will do my homework.
Thank you

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