OpenFlow NodeRed agent keeps disconnecting


I have an issue on OpenFlow v1.5.9 where the nodered agents (deployed from the web interface in OpenFlow) keeps on disconnecting (every few seconds). When inspecting, the following errors occur in the console:

It then asks to reload the site as it lost connection to the server.

The weird thing is that as soon as this happens, the “New User Interface in OpenFlow” message is displayed in the OpenFlow portal (as if it keeps on logging in as the user whenever the disconnection happens):

I tested this on a normal user and an admin user - it is the same result on both.

What should I look out for to fix the issue? This seems quite strange - not sure if it is one of the flows in the NodeRed instance, but not sure if the flows can cause this issue.

To add: if I don’t wait for the automatic refresh to happen and I do a manual refresh in the browser, I get a “Bad gateway” message followed by a “Not started” message.

Therefore also not sure if NodeRed keeps on restarting but I can’t see a restart in the logs on the web interface.

please check the docker logs for errors
could try with traefik first, then the api

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