Openflow installation in organization

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann ,

I am trying to install openflow and nodered with npm in my organization. but there is a security configuration which is enabled, due to which ,error pops out whenever i run the commands leading to a a git link, for which the access is being restricted within my organization. It would be very helpful, if you could list down the urls through which openflow and nodered are being installed, so that i can give it to my it network team to unblock these urls.

Thank you.

No, sorry. NPM uses a ton of different url’s as part of the CDN that is used to distribute the packages.
Also, npm is NOT supported from openflow 1.5 and forward, you need to use docker moving forward.

Have look at the offline setup, to see how you could host this using local docker and npm repositories ( but you will need internet access to fill the local repositories )

thanks for the reply

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