OpenFlow expose API

Does OpenFlow have API that i can call in OpenRPA instead of using OpenFlow? For instance, i want to get a list of worflow by calling API instead of login OpenFlow looking for it

Yes , openflow before 1.5 uses special formated packages over websockets ( an unfinished describtion here and server/client inplemention for browser and nodejs here )
In version 1.5 you can choose from name piped, network sockets, websocket and grpc ( and a rest api if you dont need streaming ) wrapped on a protobuf protocol decumented here
This makes it easy for me to create an SDK for many languages like javascript for browsers, nodejs, phyton and dotnet . Go is comming soon, but more could be made if there is a demand


Is Openflow version 1.5 public? GitHub - open-rpa/openflow: Scalable, secure workflow solution does not have latest changes.

It’s on my personal github account at the moment, I will push it to the offical github in a few hours.

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