OpenFlow email verification

Hi, is there any way to setup emain verification in self-hosted OpenFlow to avoid spam accounts?

(same question as a post that got no replies Setup verify account by email in openflow)

Ah, I completely forgot. I was setting it up on a local docker installation to test if it would work for others, and completely forgot about it again. ( sorry @Th_ng_Le_Anh I forgot about it )

It’s not straight forward, but yes, that is doable.

  • I highly recommend you set these 3 to validated on your admin account before adding the 4 settings.

  • Create a validation form.
    Go to forms → create new form, and add one or more fields. one of them must be a text field with the API name “email” ( each field will be added to the user, with the api name )
    Then edit the form, and in the URL notice the ID of the form

  • Add this to you your docker-compose file under services → api-> environment

- validate_user_form=id-of-form-with-email
- validate_emails=true
- smtp_url=smtp://smtp-connection-string

smtp connection string syntax is similar too this

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Thank you, will try to get it working! (replying just to keep this thread alive long enough)

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