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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann,
I saw that there is some documentation around the OpenFlow, but it lacks a bit more. Is there way that we can contribute to the documentation? :blush:

Yes and no.
The current documentation is here GitHub - open-rpa/docs but is hard to maintain, so it was my plan to move and update it, to be on the wiki at Home · open-rpa/openrpa Wiki · GitHub and GitHub - open-rpa/openflow: Scalable, secure workflow solution

I meant to suggest that we can have some video call sessions that’s go over part by part of their features and some examples, after which someone can write it down and make short clips of it. So, there should be all parts covered in few session and questions prepared to extend their understanding. Does questions can be gathered also from the community, so we could know the exact pain points of OpenFlow for users.
What’s your thoughts on that?

That is exactly what we did when me and BPA worked on the current documentation at
I’m not sure, but i think we recorded something like 20 hours of video of me explaining the overall architecture and then a lot of session with me answering questions and doubt’s from the good people at BPA.

I’m defiantly up for that, but I also know how many month’s BPA spent writing all that documentation.
My problem is, after 4½ year without making any money on this project, I’m now forced to take on other jobs to pay the bill’s ( and pay of some of the MASSIVE debt i made while trying to make openrpa/openflow profitable ) so i don’t have a lot of time. I only have a small amount of time in the evenings and weekends, and I need to spent that helping the paying customers I do have and to also continue fixing bugs and adding new features.

Ooh, that’s the same way you worked on current version of doc. Yea, that sounds very demanding job to do.
Maybe we can organize to go over only enough small part, smallest logical parts once in a week or two weeks. In this way doc will be updated with newer version and it will be in manageable parts done, but not everything will be done at once.
It won’t be something that will be must to do, but according to free time.
And this part with questions from it’s users it will be the great attraction.
Like myself, I was trying to install the OpenFlow with docker and rename the domain name, but not successfully for many attempts in different months. Due to not enough info I came to contribute with documentation so that everyone could easily find what they are looking for. With accessible documentation more users will be happier to try this solution and it will open doors for many to try your profitable solutions.
Maybe it’s not a good idea, but that’s something to think about. :blush:


Hello ,

@Allan_Zimmermann , I think it will pay off soon.
Do not forget that during these 4½ year there was covid .
And now things quickly resumed and especially RPA with the émergence of the IA.
I believe in bringing the community together around OPENRPA
so that it becomes a serious alternative for UIPATH.


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