OpenFlow docker - otel-collector error

I have install openflow via docker using the “Premium demo version”, I was able to access grafana and other tools :star_struck:, but when I look at docker service called “otel-collector” is failing to run.

This is the log from the service in docker:

2023-01-12 15:13:21 Error: unknown command "/otelcol" for "otelcol"
2023-01-12 15:13:21 Run 'otelcol --help' for usage.
2023-01-12 15:13:21 2023/01/12 16:13:21 collector server run finished with error: unknown command "/otelcol" for "otelcol"

To solve the issue I just remove the command “/otelcol” from the file “docker-compose-traefik-ee.yml” and run “docker-compose -f docker-compose-traefik-ee.yml -p demo up -d” again.

Why is this issue is been displayed? And what is the consequence for removing “/otelcol” command?

Thank you for letting me know.
I love open telemetry, but man you get tiered of them constantly breaking things.
If you use otel/opentelemetry-collector:0.66.0 it will work again
Alternatively, it seem to now work without setting the executable ( i need to test this a bit more, but for now that seem to also work ) thank you for pointing out that solution :slight_smile:
I pushed an update to GitHub - open-rpa/docker with the work around and a fresh license key

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No problem… I’m here to help in what i can, I like to explore things and find solution.
I will pull the new update and test it later and let you know.

@Allan_Zimmermann I’ve tested the pulled the update and works perfectly.
Once again…Thanks. :grin:

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