OpenFlow Docker installation on Ubuntu server, how to access from clients?


I have installed OpenFlow on Docker running on Ubuntu server. I can see the container running on the Ubuntu server. How do I access it from the client?

I tried setting the Host entry files on my laptop to point to ubuntu server, but it is not working.


as the name suggest, that only works on local host.
To expose it to other clients you need to setup DNS as explained here

Thanks Allan, will try that.

Hi Allan, we have set the A record and cname, gave me 404. When I compared the

docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -p demo ps of my installation and yours I dont see the “web” component running. What did I miss? I cloned from Git hub and used the normal version command to up.

I dont see the web when i run it using the premium command too.

There is no “web” service. Traefik is responsible for listening on port 80 ( and 443 when using lets encrypt ) and send tradik to the api and orher services.
404 most likely is due to the domain is wrong . Did you update the docker file to match the domain schema you are using?

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