OpenFlow Docker environment

Hello everybody! I would be very grateful if you could tell me about the purpose of the environment parameters in docker-compose.yml for the “api” of the service:

- auto_create_users=true
- auto_create_domains=
- websocket_package_size=25000
- websocket_max_package_count=1048576
- protocol=http
- port=3000
- log_with_colors=false

# uncomment below 2 lines, if you have set replicas above 1
# - enable_openflow_amqp=true
# - amqp_prefetch=25
# uncomment to add agents to the same docker compose project ( will breake running docker compose up -d if any agents running )
# - agent_docker_use_project=true

 - agent_oidc_userinfo_endpoint=http://api:3000/oidc/me
 - agent_oidc_issuer=
 - agent_oidc_authorization_endpoint=
 - agent_oidc_token_endpoint=http://api:3000/oidc/token

 - amqp_url=amqp://guest:guest@rabbitmq
 - mongodb_url=mongodb://mongodb:27017/?replicaSet=rs0
 - mongodb_db=openflow

 - aes_secret=O1itlrmA47WzxPj95YHD2sZs7IchYaQI25m

I performed a local deployment of OpenFlow v1.5.6 by modifying the original docker-compose.yml from GitHub. Everything works just fine, but for myself I would like to understand what these variables control.

Thank you for your help!

As I understand it, “- aes_secret=” is the key for encrypting data in mongodb. How can I set my value? Which utility should I use?

I also wanted to ask how to change the guest user in the variable “-amqp_url=” to another password-protected one? As far as I can tell, this variable is used to access agents and OpenRPA to the broker.

  • aes secret can be any 36 charecter long string
    You cannot change it once used
    This is used to hash passwords and is used for aes encrypting credentials. ( or any other documemt using the _encrypt array )

  • Rabbitmq removed the option to set username/password using env so is using guest by default.
    Rabbitmq should not be exposed, openflow handles connecting to rabbitmq on behalf of the clients, this is how access control is enforced for consuming and publishing.

  • Most settings are explained here
    Configuration Values | OpenIAP Documentation

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Thank you, Allan. It helps.

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