OpenFlow attributes

Hello everyone,I have a question about attributes in OpenFlow. Specifically about “System.String”. How you should transmit varuable of this type to OpenRPA? I tried with {}, didn’t work at all.

Can you give more context?
What are you trying to do, what are you sending, and how?
What arguments do you have on the workflow?
What errors are you getting?

I am don’t getting any errors. I just need to transmit the list to OpenRPA.I trying to send the path from OpenFlow, but when I debug it, I see nothing in my argument


I need to know, how u should transmit that list of paths to OpenRPA and thats it

you send it as an JSON array

["file1", "file"]

the web form does not support that, but you can do that from other robots, powershell, agents and nodered.

I understand that I can do that from other robots, but how I can do that in OpenFlow? There must be a way to do that. If it imposible to do it in OpenFlow, for me is a bug…

That page is meant for demo/test. It has never been meant as a page for “end users”. For that you use forms and agent/nodereds for controlling the flow.

But fair point, since i know the type when rendering the page, i could enforce the the correct type, for arrays of basic types like string, bool, int …
I will see if i can get that added in next release.

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