Open rpa gives "aborted" error

Hi all ,
I facing an issue in openrpa. I have setup OpenFlow on my own server.
Now i have scheduled my bot to run daily at 3am but after 10-15 days bot does not process also don’t get any error on interface. But when i access my windows system and the reason why bot is not running then i saw something like this “aborted”. (check image)

also bot is not stopped bot is runnig. i don’t know what is this problem. also when i check logging tab then it shows this:- Received unknown command ‘error’ with data: {“error”:“Rate limit exceeded consumedPoints: 32”}.

Help me resolve this issue.

Go to the config menu item in openflow, go to “all” settings and increase the rate limit ?

which rate limit i have to increase . by the way i don’t set any rate limit manually

i guess it should be
remember you must set socket_rate_limit_points_disconnect to something higher than socket_rate_limit_points

i guess this one. (check image)
what limit i have to set this for don’t get any error in future.

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