Open a user interaction interface

Hello, I would like to open an interface for interacting with users. The interface needs to display a list (the content displayed in the list needs to be dynamic) and operate on each data in the list. I tried using ‘table’, but the information I know is not enough for me to complete it

You can use “Get Element” to get every “row” and then add one or more nested "Get Element"s to grab each cell in each row. ( demo here Getting Website Data Table using Chrome - YouTube )

Perhaps my description is incorrect. I would like to create a similar table to display some information using Form Designer

It does not really support forms ( dynamicly at least )
See example here Dynamic form support for columns and dividers · Issue #17 · WPF-Forge/Forge.Forms · GitHub
So you can construct a form string using the above syntax based of an datatable like this
DynamicFormTable.xaml (27.7 KB)

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