OCR of invoices

Apart from using Ellis Rossum , is there any other way through which we can do OCR of Invoices (PDF)

Rosum is not OCR, rosum is document processing. A way to extract meaning full table data out of text like invoices and bank statements.
OpenRPA uses OpenCV for OCR you can find the activities for that unde OpenRPA.images

So to extract meaningful data out of invoices , is there any other way apart from Rosum ?

Yes, from nodered you can use any of the big vendors ( abby, aws, google, version2, etc )
I don’t have any sample code, but if you want to use google document AI, you can find examples on how to use the google request node at GitHub - open-rpa/examples-files under “object-detection” and “ocr-with-google-vision” it should not be to hard to update one of those to use the google document ai api instead.