Npm setup openflow memory leak

every ensuerindexes will cause memory increase

@Allan_Zimmermann :face_with_monocle:

Ensuring indexes in MongoDB does not use memory. It simply tells MongoDB to create a specific set of indexes for each collection. While these indexes are being created, they may use a lot of memory within MongoDB, but not within OpenFlow.

However, you can easily test this by adding the following to your OpenFlow environment file:


This will skip the index creation process during startup and as part of the housekeeping job. While this job performs multiple tasks, it is not recommended to disable it. But you could try temporarily disabling the housekeeping job to see if your memory leaks are caused by something within it by adding the following to your environment file:


Here is the memory usage for the past five days for the two API nodes handling, which always have an average 100 users online. These nodes also run ensure indexes and housekeeping jobs.

ok, i will check it :saluting_face: