Not able to Optimize selector

I have created a flow using Recorder, but it is not working most of the time (failing on get element), and I am not able to verify the selector because it is a menu dropdown, and as soon as I try to click anywhere else, the popup disappears .How do you handle a situation like this?

ScreenRecorderProject2 00_00_00-00_00_30 480p

That is always a pain …
if the menu closes when you click anywhere else, it’s hard to troubleshoot
you can try and enable selector and verbose selector logging on the settings tab, and see if that helps. ( it will list what its searching for, if it found anything or too much )

I once had an option to “delay” start recording using F2, but last i tried using it, I couldn’t make it work ( but was doing it using anydesk so might work when your physically at the machine )
If F2 does not work, i should probably also have a look at that, to make it work again. ( disable minimize, so you can see if the record button is clicked after the 2 second delay )

If you can enable delay option that will be much helpful

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