Normal-up.bat Error "open //./pipe/dockerDesktopLinuxEngine: The system cannot find the file specified."


I try to install Docker Compose at GitHub - open-rpa/docker. After run command "
git clone GitHub - open-rpa/docker
cd docker". I ran command “normal-up.bat” and get the error
“time=“2024-07-09T09:43:03 07:00” level=warning msg=“E:\OpenRPA\docker\docker-compose.yml: version is obsolete”
error during connect: Get “http:////./pipe/dockerDesktopLinuxEngine/v1.45/containers/json?all=1&filters={“label”:{“com.docker.compose.config-hash”:true,“com.docker.compose.project=demo”:true}}”: open //./pipe/dockerDesktopLinuxEngine: The system cannot find the file specified.”

Have anyone can help me solve this problem.
Thanks so much!

looks like docker is not running.

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Thanks so much. I start Docker and now can run

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