NodeRED Bypass no jwt env variable, no credentials in url

Hello all,

Trying to bypass NodeRED. Tried following this post: HTTP In to OpenRPA - #5 by Allan_Zimmermann.

Getting this error:
raise ValueError(“No jwt environment variable and no credentials in url”)
ValueError: No jwt environment variable and no credentials in url

Checked the openiap API documentation.


How do I work with this?
What is apiurl field?
I installed OpenFlow NodeRED via docker.
In python, I am using requests package to send out user input to OpenRPA bot via NodeRED.
I am using the “http in” activity in NodeRED to get input via api from Python.

        url = ""
        data = {"menuvalue": f"{chosen_entry}"}
        response =, json=data)

Now I wish to bypass this and send data directly to the bot.

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