NODE-RED "write file" node not working with windows file path

Hi! Please help!

I install node-red as openflow agent.
I want to write msg.payload to notepad file.

But for some reason I can’t use “WRITE FILE” node.
First I create txt file “Invoice.txt” in local D: disk, and copy its path like in the picture.

There are no errors, just after workflow ends, txt file still remains empty.
It should be timestamp text in there.

What should I do to resolve this?

How can I mount windows folder to /data in nodered container which is created as openflow agent?
I think that this is a reason why I can’t use local folders in nodered.

That is not ( easily ) supported in openflow.
You can run nodered “outside” docker using nodeagent or assistent

Thanks Alan, I will try that, but I am not sure how I should connect it with my openflow.

Sorry, you are right.

I recommend you start by testing with assistent

download/clone the nodered package
Follow the instructions and make sure it works when running in vs.code
then publish to Openflow by opening the palette (F1) and selecting “Pack and publish to openflow instance”
In openflow, go to agents, find the agent that was added when you ran the assistent. Click it, and under schedules at the buttom, add the nodered package (openiap-noderedagent) Then add the same envoriment variables as you did in vs.code to the envoriment varablies of the package, and click save. Now nodered should be running in your assistant.
If that works, you can mode on to install node nodeagent as a deamon/service
as root/administrator run

npx -y @openiap/nodeagent

and follow the instructions, then repeat what you did with the assistant, but for the new entry for your nodeagent

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