Node Red URL is not getting launched

OpenRPA version:
OpenFlow version:1.4.35
Using or self hosted openflow: self hosted
Error message: This site can’t be reached error
Screenshot or video:
Attach a simple workflow from OpenRPA or NodeRED that reproduces the error/issue:


I have successfully installed open flow in windows using npm, node red installation is also completed, I can Node red local and open flow details using PM2 list command, but when I am trying to launch node red using the URL “” - getting “this site can’t be reached” error.
Could you please check and help to resolve this error.

Thanks in advance.


is openflow running ? did you create an account for nodered ? did it add a JWT token when you ran the cli to install nodered in the env file ? what error do you get in console of openflow ? what error do you get in the console of nodered ?

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