Node-RED: Failed to obtain access token

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I’m trying to access Node-RED but it displays the below error, the only thing that was done is run the command docker compose pull to perform some updates and then the issue occurs.

Thanks in advance.

is the certificate valid ? please open openflow and nodered in a browser and validate the certificare is valid ( from let’s encrypt not a self signed one )

Yes, the certificate is issued by Let’s Encrypt and still valid. I checked through my browser.

So what happens if you stop and start nodered?
Does it,work? If not what error do you see in the console of the nodered agent?

nodered agent stop and start normally… but display the error when try to access it.

And the console of nodered?

Sorry… here is the logs from console.
_rpacvtcv_logs.json (5.9 KB)

seems openflow is not running.
or you changed the name. as you knos openflos MUST run as api

Can you check if openflow is added with service name “api” in your docker compose file?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
Yes I have “api” service and it’s runnig normally.

I restart nodered (what you suggest) and docker more than once and now is working normally.
Don’t know what the problem was. Thanks for the help.

Glad it worked out anyway, but annoying we never fund the core issue.

Yes, I agree. I’ll continue to monitor the logs and report any issues or potential reasons for the problem. Thank you @Allan_Zimmermann.

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