Node-Red "api get" node, how to get the list of "Clients"?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I’m looking for almost half a day but I don’t know where to look.
I even install mongo-express to look directly into mongodb but I could’t find the “Clients” list.
In Openflow, under “Misc management” we have “Clients” which shows currently logged users.

Where are those “Clients” located in the database, can we have access to the list?

Why? I want to notify all “openrpa” client that are logged in which a Desktop Notification.
Before trying to notify the users I would like to check if they are logged in.

Sorry for asking multiple questions at the same time.
But thank you in advance!

The clients listed, used to be generated by quering the users collection and looking at the _last field’s.
But on big installations the constant updating of user object was giving performance problems, so in 1.5 user’s online status is only managed internally in each api node. All api nodes broadcast user events to the other nodes, so they all have an updated list of users who are online.
The users are still updated when they login, but are not continuously updated with heartbeat information anymore.
You can ask for the list by sending a custom command for getclients

var onlineusers = await client.CustomCommand({ "command": "getclients" });

Thank you, that worked!

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