"No agentdriver is loaded" error

Hi Allan, I installed OpenFlow on a private Kubernetes cluster hosted on GCP following your video tutorial but I have a problem when I try to create a new NodeRED agent (here a screenshot of the error).

I couldn’t find any solution by searching this error online, do you know what might be the cause?

I installed version 1.5.0 of OpenFlow.

As per Pricing - OPENIAP kubernetes/openshift support ( + grafana and opentelemetry ) requires a license.
But if you want to test it out, feel free to send me the api domain, and i will pass you a one month license for free.

Thanks for the fast reply!

What about this line in the free plan? What does it refers to?

I guess that could be misunderstood, yes
In my mind, the top part was a list of features ( both opensource and not )
and each tab under, was more specification ( but guess that does not make it clear about free vs premium )

I could accept an argument that should be removed and only listed under premium.

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