NM connection is lost while Activitiy is running

Hello, I am a user who has modified and used openrpa distributed in 2022. At that time, when openrpa had the latest activity, it was used to add the activity to the 2022 version.

I recently added a get table activity, but when I play the activity, chromeconnected in bool connected of OpenRPA.NM.NMHook has a false value and the message value of the get table activity is not delivered. Do you know anything about this?

Did you add/change some of the OpenRPA source code ?
In that cases what ? Can you share a link to the changes you made ?

I just meant adding activities. Other than that, nothing was modified.

Have a look here

I checked the link you sent, but it didn’t solve the problem.
The picture above is my output window. In Connected Getter means NM plugin connection.
As soon as you run the Get Table activity, the plug-in is disconnected.

Have you seen these problems?

I remember seeing that before … And i remember fixing that …
What version of OpenRPA are you on ?


My version is 1.4.25.
Even when you modified it, did the problem occur in the get table activity like in my case? And can you tell me how you solved it?

That is from May 15, 2022
Try updating

How can I try update? Just download new version?

Yes. ( here )

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