New workitems not triggering robot automatically

I created a workitem queue, set a robot and a workflow. But when new workitems are added there, nothing happens (it only works if I manually click play button). How to solve this?

What openflow are you using? Mine at or on you installed your self? If the latter, are you using a replicaset for mongodb?

I’m using yours at (v. 1.4.34)

hmm, i think i did a small update to queues i 1.4.35 ( been a while since i worked on it )
I just upgraded, see if it works now, if not, then let me know, then I will do a more in depth debug session.

My queue disappeared from “work item queues”. When I try to create another one with the same name, it says it already exists. Although I still can filter work items with the name of the “disappeared” queue inside “work itemms” tab

btw, I created another queue for testing purposes. The problem remains the same

I see the 3 queues you made, and none of them are setup for a robot and a workflow.
Please use the web interface when creating/updating queues ( there is an issue with queues created with older robots and not all options are available in the robot )
You need to set BOTH workflow and robot, you only selected the workflow in all 3.

Now, you should still be able to see all 3 queues in the robot, try stopping the robot, delete the .db file and restart the robot to get a fresh copy of all data.

I’m already trying through web interface…

I’ve actually set project, workflow and robot …Idk why you can’t see it there… and I’m seeing just 2 of 3 queues I created.

Im so sorry. Im super tiered.
I did not see robot set becource the page only loads a subset of users, so it could not find you.
I will dig into this tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you letting me know.
By the way, if you got to entities and select the mq collection. Do you see all 3 there?

No problem… there is no inconvenience. I can’t see the vanished queue in mq collection ( I created another one, no problem). I’m just wondering why my robot is not initializing after another workitem is added

I could easily reproduce this, processing was not working for me on new queues either.
There was a bug in my code, that could make it stop processing all queues.
My tests shows this should be fixed now, please see if that is also the case for you.

I see you created 4 queues, one of them had your id removed ( or never added ) but there was a role added that you was a member of … ( i have added you directly on this again )
When creating a queue from the robot it uses role permissions, that might have given the issue ( since you need to logout and back in to be a member for that role )
So please use the web interface when creating queues to avoid issues, for now.


Yeaaahh…now it works nicely! Thank you

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