New Open RPA Packages/Features

Hi guys!

We at InspireIT have created two new packages to be used in OpenRPA for a more easy management of Excel and DataTables activities in OpenRPA. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of OpenRPA, thus empowering Open RPA developers with additional features for their automations.

The packages are available for a free download using the following links:

Excel InspireIT_Packages_EXCEL_ActivitiesOpenRPA

Data Tables InspireIT_Packages_DataTablesOpenRPA

If you test the packages, any feedback about your opinion and possible improvements or new features will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you and let’s make IT matter


I have seen a demo of these.
Their include a lot of good features, currently not present in OpenRPA. So if you need more advanced options for excel/office, you should definitely check these out. :+1: :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you for sharing these two new packages.
I have downloaded and tested both packages and I must say they will be usefull in my day-to-day automation tasks. “Output DataTable” is awsome… Thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback, any doubts or problems just ask

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