Nested Get-Elements have increasingly smaller scopes

There is a table, in which each row has a link. Clicking each link will display a download button below the table at the same place. I need to download all the files by clicking all the download buttons one by one.

So I put a big Get-Element acitivity to iterate through the links in the table and a Click-Element activity inside it to click on the link. Now I need to click the download button below the table, but if I put a Get-Element activity inside the big Get-Element, I can only select DOM nodes under the link; I can’t deal with tags like the button outside the table. What should I do? Thanks.

Solution: I should remove the From field of the inner Get-Element. Then the inner Get-Element works fine.

I’m glad you found the solution.
My “auto” adding item into from, can be a little bit annoying in a case like yours.
It will also do it, when you open the selector. So i always move the get element out of the outter get element, while working on it, and once it works, i move back inside.

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