Need to setup openflow on ubuntu machine with subdomain

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I want to run open flow with subdomain. i was setup it before 1 year ago with help of docker-compose up -d command. but for now when i see compose file its confuse me. all code are commented. can you please help me on this how can i run easy open flow with docker compose using my subdomain.

Source Repo: GitHub - open-rpa/openflow: Scalable, secure workflow solution
Thanks looking forward a positive response from your end.

If you are starting a fresh, then just use the default docker compose file at GitHub - open-rpa/docker ( use normal-up )


In which files i need to do modification to run this with my own subdomain.? and i am not using this repo ( GitHub - open-rpa/docker ). I am using to run openflow with this open flow repository ( GitHub - open-rpa/openflow: Scalable, secure workflow solution ). please guide me how to do this setup and what changes i need to do in docker compose main file. in this file most of code is commented.

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