Need suggestion to do web automation

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on a web automation project and facing challenges with typing text due to the complexity of the website’s selector. I’ve tried various methods like assigning the value directly (item.value = "Hello world") but haven’t had success with any of them every type of selector is failed. The only method that works for me is using the “Type Text” activity, which helps me achieve my goal. However, there’s an issue when deploying this automation on a server and triggering the code—it only works when someone is actively accessing the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and then runs the code. If there’s no one on RDP, the automation fails to work.

If anyone has a solution to this issue, I would greatly appreciate your input. Thank you.

This has been up many many times.
look at video here

Yes @Allan_Zimmermann . I setup HD robots but Type Text activity not working on browser. It only work on windows application like notepad.

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