Need some suggestion

Hello everyone!I want RPA to detect that I have entered a certain page, such as the registration page of a website. This registration page is divided into multiple steps and requires different registration information to be filled in. Assuming the registration process is:

  1. Fill in the user number
  2. Fill in the password
  3. Fill in the phone number
  4. Fill in email information
    The above four steps are divided into four different web pages, and each time you complete the filling, you need to click “Next”.
    When the RPA robot detects that I have entered the first registration page, it will open another interface, which can fill in the above four information in one go. Then it will help me complete the registration process directly on the registration page.
    My question is:
  5. How to make the robot detect that I have entered this registration page?
  6. How to let the robot know that I have completed the filling in on the new interface?

I have tried using a detector before, but it doesn’t seem to work on browsers. I’m not sure if my usage is incorrect. At present, I am trying to use the “trycatch” package “get element” method. If I do not catch an error, it indicates that I have entered the registration page, but this seems to waste a lot of time.Is there a better way to do it?

Does anybody have suggestions?

  1. how advanced do you need the detector to be ?
    Would getting a notification when the user goes to a webpage be enough ? or do you need to use selectors to detect elements too ?
    If the first, then i think i can quickly add that, the latter is going to be more complex, i don’t mind adding it to the backlog but will take awhile before i might start on it.
  2. you can use Invoke Form to halt the workflow and wait for the user to click a button when they are ready

An alternative could be to not use OpenRPA at all, but use browser extensions only.
This sound like something you could do purely with automa or pixiebrix

I have uploaded a new version of OpenRPA that now has an url detector.

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