Ms-speach (Speech To Text Activity)

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann ,

For the MS Speech Module , Is there an activity for Speech To Text Function ?


yes and no. There is an detector you can use to wait for specific word or commands.
see example here OpenRPA - Simple test with speech - YouTube
documented here examples-files/ms-speach at master · open-rpa/examples-files · GitHub

Thank you for the reply ,
Absolutely , I try this and it works fine ,
But the problem is i have to ADD the word to transform (Speech To Text ) in the configuration
of the MS plugin detector.

In my case I want to transform(Speech To Text) a numeric value like account number , amount ,…

I try to add a numeric valur to command in plugin config like this.


It works but just for one number , else i must to add all sequence of number (infinity task)

It is possible to Add WRITE activity like SPEAK ?


Hi @Allan_Zimmermann
Is there a solution ?
I believe it’s a very good fonctionality
Mostly , It’s implemented in the detector plugin.

I tried to integrating the code written in the plugin with the activity invoke code (c#) but I dont succeed.

is there another workaround ?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

It’s my first time to write something in c# :slight_smile:

but with my experience i try to write this code to invoke ms speech recognition.

//csharpvariable = “Hello from C#”;
System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine recEngine = new System.Speech.Recognition.SpeechRecognitionEngine();
var gBuilder = new System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder();
var grammer = new System.Speech.Recognition.Grammar(gBuilder);

It compile , But i dont know how to execute this code

any help.

That is not a priority for me right now, since no one is really using this ( and the few that does use speech, need something with higher accuracy )
If checking “Include Common Words” is not enough, then you are welcome to try and add the feature your self and send a pull request, then I would love the test/add it.

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