Move Mouse Activity dosent work via Any Desk

Hi Allen,


As shown in above image I want to move cursor to top of more button.
Then it will open up a drawer.

I test this successfully in my windows 10 machine using Move Mouse activity.
My production server is windows 11 and only way connect it is via Any Desk.
I test the same in windows 11 machine via Any Desk but cursor dosent move at all.
Could you please help?

Thnaks and Regards,
Pramodh Ramanayaka.

are you running bot on your machine or Server machine Image Activities are very sensitive you need make sure that display resolution is same and scale is set to 100% in both the system

Hi Yashshah,

I am running this in windows 11 machine. I am connecting to it via Any Desk.
Major issue is I cant move mouse to any position in remote machine. Totally cursor is not moving. Please help . Thank you.


So OpenRPA is installed in Windows 11 server and you are running in the same machine I will suggest to check display resolution it should be same as Windows 10 machine and scal should be set in 100% in both machines

Thanks for replay.
I just want to figure it out why Move Mouse activity is not working via Any Desk.
Kindly help.
That is my requirement actually.

It does work, as long as you keep the anydesk session open while the workflow is running.
You need to enable “show remote cursor” in anydesk for you to see it remotely

Allan, Thank you so much.
this is life saving.

Pramodh Ramanayaka.

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