Memory leak problem when using OpenRPA

OpenRPA version: 1.4.55
OpenFlow version: 1.5.7
Using or self hosted openflow: self host
Error message: none
Screenshot or video:

I noticed a memory leak when you open many different processes. When the OpenRPA process is opened for the first time, it takes up a certain amount of memory, but after closing the tab with the process, the memory is not released. If you open a process that was opened earlier, the memory will be filled, but much less (up to 15% of the memory occupied at the first start).

I’m not sure that this is a real problem. Perhaps I didn’t see any setting that caches processes locally to make the IDE work faster.

If this is still a problem, then let the topic be used as an idea for future improvements

That has always been a problem.
The memory gets full of objects from the designer, so i have always blamed microsoft, since GC chain does not go back to any of my objects.

But to be honest, i always suspectee the images in my activites or a hook to the properies control mifht be the reason too, but since you are not suppose to have the designer open in production i never really spent much time rrying to track it down.

In latest beta there is a massive critical issue where the robot sometimes will not report workflows as completed, amd i have been unanle to reproduce ir ( but i have seen it happen while a customer was sharing screen and showing it ) so that is highwst priority for me, when i fet time to work on OpenRPA again.

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