Logs in mongo db

I want to store output logs in mongo db, Please guide how can I achieve this ?

Use case:

I want to store logs printing on output console on Mongo db and show last 5 logs on Nodered dashboard.

Under the ‘Prev 5 runs’-- I want to show prev 5 logs present mongo db

I really don’t know how to do this. Please help

I think we can create new activity which will do 3 things
1 create logfile in local system
2 write in console
3 write in mongoDB

You can save console output in mongodb
See this for more informatin Collecting console output from OpenRPA - YouTube

In nodered you can get those using the “get” node under api, by quering the openrpa_instances collection.
I don’t really use nodered dashboard, so cannot help you with that.
But there is a channel dedicated for help with that on the nodered slack Slack : Node-RED

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