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Hello, i used Spacy to on my project to extract information from my resumes (on my notebook) but i wanted to use it in my workflow by using invoke code but i didn’t work and i couldn’t find it in packages neither. Any idea about it ?

Hi @LeGM

There is a nuget package called catalyst, “is a C# Natural Language Processing library built for speed. Inspired by spaCy’s design, it brings pre-trained models, out-of-the box support for training word and document embeddings, and flexible entity recognition models.”

Maybe it can help you, check out this links:

Hope this is what you looking for and can point you to the right path.

@kowts suggestion is good, if you want to do this using c#/vb
You can also try and pip install spacy to the embedded python and use invoke code to use python ( only python 3.7 is supported, and kt libs are not part of the bundle )

For AI code , i highly recomend you use agents instead, this allows you to create a much more control environment for all your dependencies AND allows you to deploy and run it in multiple ways.
see creating your first agent | openflow for a guide though multiple scenarios.

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