Keep OPENRPA running in background

Is there any way we can keep OpenRPA run in background as service because We cant run bot from Openflow if OpenRPA is not Open in system

So many commercial vendors have a solution where you can install a service
This service can spawn a robot inside a desktop session, and some can even signin a user if noone is logged on. This require the system to have a way to tell this service to run a robot and on what user to run it. This does not exists for openrpa.
But we have something similar.
With the OpenRPA.msi installer, you can install a RD service extension ( HD robots ) that will install a service on the machine. This service can logon to the local machine using RDP and then spawn a openrpa.exe instance inside the desktop. This ensures the robot always runs in a ACTIVE desktop, needed when using keyboard/mouse/screen and it ensure the robot is always running.
The big difference here, is the robot windows desktop session is not started and stopped on demand, but is always running. So you can think of the robots as a “pool” of robots running on a server.

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