JWT Token Expired for OpenFlow Docker Container

Hi All

I have an OpenFlow docker instance installed on a VM that have been running for a few years.

I created a user through the web interface and then created a node-red instance (a few years back). This node-red instance is not starting up from this morning and when I check the logs (sudo docker logs -n=100 [containername]) it says that the jwt token expired for this instance:

I know how to regenerate the JWT token for a remote node-red install (remove from .env file and rerun install commands), but this happens on the main server where OpenFlow is installed.

I did log into the web portal and clicked on save and create again, but all of these commands generate the same error. There is no information displayed about the node-red instance in the web portal.

I just need some guidance as to how to resolve this issue for a node-red container that is running on the OpenFlow server (generated via the OpenFlow web portal).

All of the other node-red instances is still running and I’m able to generate new node-red instances without any errors.

OpenFlow v1.4.32

so is both openflow and nodered running using pm2 ?

The process should be the same no matter where it runs. So sounds like your not editing the correct env file

I’m a little rusty in the pm2 setup, been a while since i’ve seen one.
But to be 100% sure, you could try stopping pm2 while updating the env file, if you are 100% sure it’s the correct env file you are updating ?

Hi Allan

I’ve not used pm2. This environment was created using docker and with the yaml file (as per the following instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdH3h3iAu-Y)

I then logged into the web portal (a few years back), created a user and a node-red instance (NodeRed tab and then I clicked on create).

Then, yesterday when the environment went down this JWT error started and now I can’t access the Node-Red instance.

The docker container is generated if I run docker ps -a, but it is not starting:

Therefore, I’m unsure where to get the .env file for a docker container created in the OpenFlow web portal and not via pm2?

I have no problem creating a new user, but I would like to get the node-red config file for this docker container as there were a lot of flows in this node-red instance that are not accessible at this stage.

So basically I need assistance in getting the .env or node-red config files for a docker container created from the OpenFlow web portal as I’m not sure where to get this.

then just click stop NodeRed ( the big red button )
Once it’s gone, click ensure/create nodered
this will inject a new JWT token as an envoriment variable to the instance

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