Jwt expired showing while running the nodered

Hello @Allan_Zimmermann
can you please help me how to resolve this issue while trying to run the nodered i am facing issye like this .

12:45:04 [verbose] websocket.close
12:45:04 [debug] Create as universal-websocket-client, using options
12:45:22 [debug] WebSocketclient::onopen
12:45:28 [error] jwt expired
12:45:28 [verbose] websocket.close
12:45:28 [debug] Create as universal-websocket-client, using options

you need to re-generate the jwt token. How did you install the nodered ? npm, docker ?

I have installed through npm

open the .env file, remove the value ( the old token ) from jwt=
then re-run then installer ( openflow-nodered-cli --install something ) deploy openflow nodered using NPM | openflow

ok i will do it, can we connect the latest openrpa with openflow version 1.4.12

Most likely yes, but i highly recommend you update to latest 1.4 or 1.5 version

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