It is possible to generate reports on the operation of openrpa o

So my boss want a way for me to show reports on the operation of openrpa and the workitems. I remember that the in online version of openflow it was possible using the grafana, but in the local host version that i´m using i couldn´t find a way to show him the reports. Is there any way i can generate this report?

All data shown in grafana is in the database.
If you give me a link to the report i can tell you were.
Then you can try and extract that data ( for instance using an agent, or side loading another report tool like metabase ) and recreate the report.
All workitems are in the workitems collection. All information about openrpa workflow runs are saved in the openrpa_instances collection

But the grafana provider ( and the kubernetes agent driver ) is not opensource and require a license. If you want to test grafana locally you can use the ee docker compose file here ( please let me know before hand, so i can update the trial license for )

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