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Hi @Allan_Zimmermann

I currently have a specific flow on NodeRED where it receive an email with attachments, save them in OpenFlow (Files) and send payload to OpenRPA.
@Allan_Zimmermann I used this exemple you shared sometime ago (was working):

I’m facing an issue in NodeRED where the node API for file upload is now only returning a string instead of an object as before. Through testing, I’ve noticed that this issue only occurs in my OpenFlow environment version 1.5, because in my local machine (version v1.4.35 ) is functioning properly and there was no modifications.

Previously, this was the returned object:

Currently returning this string:

Thanks in advance.

Hey, there was an issue in my nodejs client, and in the new nodered i would only add the id not the entire object.
I have updated the nodered image, so it now returns an object iwth an “id” ( not _id) field, but for now all the other fields will be blank or 0 … i will get those fixed at a later time.

Simply click stop and start, to force an download of the new image

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Thank you again for quick fix @Allan_Zimmermann. I have verified that it is working correctly now.

One more thing that start occur now, I’m using node “email-out” to read emails and there are two fields(Userid and Password) that always get blank and have to filled them everythime.

Seems is storing the data for a limit time.

Thanks, you found a bug …
I had made a mistake using || where it was suppose to be && in the save_credentials function,
so it was creating new credentials every time, but you where getting “a random one” of those, when loading.

Please go to nodered collection and delete any duplicates, then restart your nodered to download the new image i just created that fixes this issue


Thanks @Allan_Zimmermann
Works perfectly now! :smiley:

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