Issues regarding selectors in openRPA

I am having issues with selectors in openRPA,there are some input items like this in a website,I have used everything from get element and to execute script nothing seems to work.I have also referred to docs but nothing looks handy.

For instance in parts24 website

there is this password field in login field,It was unable to gather that input field,so for that I have used execute script option to select the input through js manually.


I don’t see any problem using the “GetElement” activity. I just opened the selector and selected the field - everything is ok

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The issue lies and identifying the selectors at the time of playing the bot,its not able to identify the selectors due to which my bot fails everytime and also due to which I have to run the script and execute the click handler in the script itself.

Is anything different when you are running the bot ?
Is the computer locked ?

nothing different,my computer is still on and its simply not able to gather selector,sometimes It runs successfully and some times it fails.I donot know what’s happening

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