Issue with null values in "execute script" activity returning as JSON instead of object null reference value

Dear Skadefro,
I hope you are doing well.
I wanted to inform you about an issue related to the “execute script” activity. I have noticed that null values in this activity are returned as JSON, rather than the expected object null reference value. However, only strings return as plain text, while other data types result in JSON.

I have attached a screenshot to help illustrate this issue. I believe this may be causing some confusion or errors in your project, and I wanted to bring it to your attention. It is possible that there may be a workaround for this issue, or it may require further investigation.


When google forced everyone to upgrade from manifest 2 to manifest 3 executeScript was moved to the chrome.scripting.executeScript … the cool thing about that, is it is more “type safe” but my interface in openrpa does not support that yet. I had a ton of more important things to focus on, so i made a simple wrapper that just cast anything to an object as normal.
I’m not sure what your above screenshot is showing that you think is an error … But when i have time i will try to create a test with multiple variable types to see if i can reproduce an error

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