Is version control for OpenRPA workflows possible?

Hi, we are a team of tree developers working in OpenRPA workflows in a self-hosted instance of openflow. Is there a way to have the workflows on git or similar VCS?


For agent’s, yes, for openrpa no.
But you chould use powershell to setup a CI for getting or pushing data in and out of openflow.
The powershell module in openrpa, has a few trick in how to handle Xaml better ( like exporting images etc. )

Thanks for your reply Allan!
Can you point out to how to do it for agents, I’m new in Node-RED and don’t know how to do it.
Can I follow this ?

And about the CI, can you share some more information?

all agent examples are using github

OpenFlow has version control builtin, so you really don’t need git, if that is your only reason. Just click the history button ( or undelete to restore from history )

Not sure what you mean, but have alook at powershell and see if works for you

We were thinking working with branches where one can develop different flows and then merge them in a main branch.

OpenFlow does not have git inside ( that has long been on my wish list, to add, but I have not been able to find a nodejs version of git ) right not it’s version history ( that 99% of the time can also be used to roll back changes )
As already pointed out, agent’s highly insesetive using git in some form, for your code and only publish packages to openflow, but for openrpa worflows there is no easy solution.

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