Is there any way to run OpenRPA without opening the tool?

Hi @Allan_Zimmermann, I hope you are well.

Allan I am currently using only OpenRPA to perform a process on excel file on my computer, that is opening OpenRPA and running it workflow, currently it is a manual process and in the future the tool will be installed on other computers to perform the same process by other people.

Is there any way to perform this process without opening OpenRPA? That is to say, that it is executed underneath without the person having to open the tool.
This is for security issues and to avoid that the person deletes some process of the robot making the workflow does not work.


The short answer is no.
The long answer is, there are different things you can do, depending on what it is you want to archive.
you could make the robot run in agent mode, so the user does not have access to delete.
you could connect the robots to openflow and only give the end users read and invoke permission, so they cannot delete it. Openflow would ( most likely ) also be required if you want to run the robots unattended

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