Invoke workflow in Openflow Robot option get timeout

Create a workflow in OpenRPA and grant permission (all 4) to a user/Role in openflow user maangement.
But when the user login to open/invoke the workflow, there is a robot option, when keep it blank, error meesage said: "Cannot rad properties of undifined (reading’_id’). Select any of the robot drop-down options (user name, role name) will only get the timeout.

But when login as the creator of the workflow, the robot option auto filled with the user’s id/email and invoking process finished.

So, what part of the permission setup I missed.
Any advise is appreciated.

Where ? in OpenRPA workflow or using the invoke page in openflow ?

If OpenRPA: Roles are saved in the token, when OpenRPA prompts for login, it gets a token with a one year life span, that contains all roles for that user. So if you add the robot user to a new role, after that, you will need to logout and back in ( click sign out in the menu at the top left corner ) to get the new roles added to the token

Also, the user needs read (or invoke depending on how you run openflow ) on the user you want to run the workflow on. So you cannot just assign permissions to a project if you also intend to let users edit the workflow or run workflows on different robots. In that case you need to ensure that all users have access to the robot as well
( this is why you should always use roles to manage this )

Thank you for the prompt response.

After signout and sign-in again in OpenRPA. I able to invoke the workflow by robot-user role. Thank you again and appreciate for what you have done to this project.

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